Simple. Natural. Family Photography.

In the end, all our children will have are memories and photos. Do them a favor, get in the photo. Don’t wait for a perfect hair day. Or until you lose the extra baby weight. 

Just get in the photo. 

In the end, they’ll be thankful you did. 

Jenni Maroney, Boulder family photography

6 Simple Steps to a Successful Family Session

Follow these simple steps to guide you though your family photography experience.

Review Pricing

Please be sure to review investment guide with your partner before booking a session. This is a family investment, please be sure all decision-makers are involved.

Reserve Date

Choose a date from our online calendar. Please keep nap times and meal times in mind when booking your family session so we can maximize our "happy times".

Review Tips

Follow tips and clothing suggestions for a smooth and successful family session. Preperation is key. See suggestion guides below for session tips and clothing advice.

Photo Session

1 hour, in-home, in-studio, or an outdoor location. This is your time to love on your children and just be yourselves. No fake smiles. No silly poses. All natural, all fun.

Viewing Session

1 week after your session you'll come back to our studio to view your final collection of finished images. You will narrow these down to your favorites and select a package. Final payment is due at viewing session.

Order Pickup

All products are custom made and take 3-4 weeks for production. Once your order is ready, we will notify you to schedule a pickup at the studio at your convenience.


Why YOUR kids need this

By booking a family session with us, you'll walk away with more than just family photos. You'll walk away with a return ticket to a moment otherwise gone. A photograph is the pause button on life. And trust me when I say, you'll want to pause these moments. 

Documenting this time in their life is something you'll want to do.

Review Pricing

Choose from any of our 3 family collections. No need to pre-select your package. Simply pay a $200 deposit & reserve your date.

Reserve a Date

Choose a date for your session that works for your family. Please keep meal times and nap times in mind when booking. 

Session Tips

Follow these simple steps to ensure a smooth and enjoyable family session. Preperation is key. No need to stress, we've got you covered.

Clothing Guide

Selecting outfits for your family can be stressful. Let us guide you through the process with our easy to follow clothing guides.


About the Photographer

I have been in the photography game for almost 2 decades and with that experience came the passion to help document the real, honest, emotional moments of childhood for both my own family and my clients. Outside of the photography world, I am a big fan of strong coffee, a good glass of red, traveling to tropical destinations, and snuggling my husband and children (not necessarily in that order).


one great picture after another.

"I was amazed how efficiently, effortlessly and quickly Jenni worked and she managed to get one great picture after another. And my kids relaxed in her presence (not the common reaction for all my kids). We will definitely use Jenni again and again."


Denver family photographer and Boulder family photography, Jenni Maroney specializes in natural, un-posed family photography.

beautful, thoughtful, emotional.

"I have followed Jenni and her journey for many years now and I am always in awe of her raw talent and ability to connect with her subjects. Beautiful, thoughtful, emotional, smart, and classic photography from a wonderfully down to earth woman!"


Trust me, you'll want to remember these moments when they're all grown up.